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Compare Movers from Atlanta, GA to Charlotte, NC - Compare Local Movers Get Online Long Distance Moving Quotes

Compare Movers from Atlanta, GA to Charlotte, NC

Moving from Atlanta, GA to Charlotte, NC comes with average costs ranging from $4,526.4 to $12,934.4. These costs vary based on factors such as the volume of your belongings, the size of your residence, your intended move date, and whether you opt for self-packing or professional packing services. For a quick estimate tailored to your needs, simply request a moving cost estimate.

In this comprehensive guide, we provide all the essential information for your impending relocation to Charlotte, North Carolina. Our insights are based on thorough research, including feedback from recent movers along this route. Additionally, we’ve curated a list of reputable moving companies with positive reviews that specialize in relocations from Atlanta.

Moving from Atlanta, GA to Charlotte, NC

Best Atlanta, GA to Charlotte, NC Moving Companies: Discover the finest movers for your relocation from Atlanta, GA to Charlotte, NC after careful analysis and selection.

Thinking about Moving Costs?: Levearge our moving estimator tool for a precise estimation of your expenses.

Vehicle Shipping from Atlanta, GA to Charlotte, NC: If you’re also transporting your vehicles, explore our recommended car shipping services specializing in interstate transportation.

Moving 244 miles is no joke. Here’s what you need to know.

The Top Atlanta, GA to Charlotte, NC Moving Companies

Considering a moving company for relocating your entire household is a significant decision.

After thorough investigation on more than 600 interstate moving companies, analyzing customer feedback, licensing, insurance details, and adherence to federal regulations, we’ve curated a list of the top long-distance moving companies in the market.

For those moving the contents of a one-bedroom home or more, these recommendations represent the finest full-service moving companies according to our comprehensive analysis.

How much does it cost to move from Atlanta, GA to Charlotte, NC?

After diligently analyzing numerous moving reviews along this route and considering the expenses incurred, we have computed the historical average moving costs. Our estimation suggests that a relocation of this nature may range from approximately $4,526.4 to $12,934.4. These estimates are based on an average distance of 244 miles between the respective cities.

Move size
Moving ranges
Studio / 1 Bedroom
$3,395.2 - $5,204.8
2 - 3 bedrooms

$6,547.2 - $10,913.6

4+ bedrooms

$9,054.4 - $14,875.2

Please be informed that these average moving costs might differ from the quotes provided by full-service Atlanta, GA interstate moving companies. These estimates serve as rough approximations, and actual moving costs may vary.

Other pricing factors include:

What is the cost of hiring movers from Atlanta, GA to Charlotte, NC

Moving from Atlanta, GA to Charlotte, NC a reputable moving company will cost between $4,526.4 and $12,934.4. The cost to move a 1 bedroom home will range around $3,395.2 and $5,204.8 for 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom moving costs are expected to be between $6,547.2 and $10,913.6. For larger homes that are 4 bedrooms or more you are looking at $9,054.4 to $14,875.2.

Who moderate interstate movers from Atlanta, GA to Charlotte, NC?

For interstate moves originating in Atlanta, GA it’s crucial to ensure that the moving company is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and holds a valid D.O.T. license. You can easily verify a mover’s licensing status by checking the FMCSA website.

Explore companies servicing Atlanta, GA to Charlotte, NC  to see if they are licensed.

Agency: United States Department of Transportation
Phone: +1 (855) 368-4200
Website: fmcsa.dot.gov

Moving Companies from Atlanta to Charlotte

Relocating from Atlanta, GA to Charlotte, NC presents a formidable challenge that will put your organizational skills to the test. Charlotte offers an enticing destination for your move, marking a significant milestone in your life. However, traversing state lines for the 243-mile journey is no simple feat.

Preparing for this relocation demands thorough planning, especially when it comes to packing. As you embark on packing your belongings, you’ll quickly realize the complexities involved in a cross-country move. Safeguarding fragile items becomes paramount, requiring meticulous attention to detail. Given the time-intensive nature of packing, initiating this process as early as possible is essential.

While tackling the packing process independently is feasible with a well-structured timeline, certain items may pose unique challenges. For specialty items or high-value possessions that leave you uncertain about their handling, enlisting the services of Atlanta to Charlotte movers emerges as the most prudent choice in this scenario.

How Much do movers cost in 2024?

The cost of hiring a full-service moving company typically ranges from $825 – $22,500.
Your final price depends on distance, size, and other factors like season, services, and accessibility.

The Average Price of Full Service Movers

Studio -1 Bedroom
2-3 Bedrooms
4-5 Bedrooms
5-6 Bedrooms

Local (Up to 100 miles)

$825 - $1,305

$1,005 - $2,850

$2,100 - $4,800


100-250 miles

$1,500 - $2,250

$1,875 - $2,550

$3,000 - $5,100


250 - 500 miles

$1,800 - $3,000

$2,250 - $5,250

$3,750 - $7,800


500 - 1000 miles

$2,100 - $4,350

$3150 - $10350

$8250 - $11850


1000 - 1500 miles

$2,700 - $5,550

$5850 - $11250

$11,250 - $12,750


1500 - 2500 miles

$2,850 - $5,550

$5,850 - $11,250

$12,750 - $16,500


2500 miles+

$3,300 - $4,500

$6,900 - $14,250

$14,250 - $21,750


How Much do Local movers cost in 2024?

Hiring a Local moving company typically costs between $417 and $12,000.
If your relocation is within 100 miles and the same state, you’ll pay per hour, per mover.

The Price of Local Moving

Home Size
No. of Movers
# Hours
Ave Cost / Hr
Average Price


2 movers

2-4 movers


$418 - $898.5

1 Bedroom

2 movers

3 – 6 hours


$583.5 - $1125

2 Bedroom

3 movers

4 – 8 hours


$1125 - $2850

3 Bedroom

4 movers

6 – 12 hours


$1850 - $5250

4 Bedroom

4 movers

8 – 14 hours


$2100 - $7650

5 Bedroom+

5 movers

10 – 16 hours


$3750 - $11475

How Much do long distance movers cost in 2024?

Long distance moving usually costs between $600 and $22,800.
If you’re going over 100 miles or crossing state lines, your price is determined by weight and distance.

The Price of Long Distance Moving

Type of Service
1 Bedroom
2-3 Bedrooms
4-5 Bedrooms

DIY/Truck Rental

187.5 - 562.5

$225 - $855

$315 - $1125

Moving Container

$450 - $825

$675 - $1350

$1050 - $2100

Full Service

$600 - $1200

$1125 - $2850

$1800 - $6750

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