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Budd Van Lines provides premium service to all 48 contiguous states no matter how remote the location. Each of our service centers serves a large geographical region with consistent personalized service nationwide. Budd Van Lines Moving can be a daunting task, but with the right moving company by your side, it can become a seamless and stress-free experience. Enter Budd Van Lines – a trusted name in the moving industry renowned for its commitment to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction. In this article, we delve into the world of Budd Van Lines, exploring why they stand out and how they can make your next move a breeze

In an industry where the routine practice is for moving companies to subcontract the actual move to local agencies, Budd Van Lines retains control over your move by ensuring one of our own driver teams is assigned at both your origin and destination locations.  Customers develop a relationship with our driver teams, and the same team that packed at the origin home, will be at delivery to help customers settle into their new home.  It’s more personalized than traditional movers and has made Budd the top rated carrier in the country for over 10 years!


Budd Van Lines has specialized in corporate mobility Since 1975 .  We partner with Fortune 1000 companies, relocation management companies, and start up firms across the globe.  We provide an exceptional mobility experience to our clients, their employees and their families. Each assignee receives personalized, white glove service, that allows them to focus on their families, and their new position.


Budd Van Lines

Whether you or your employees are moving across the country or crossing continents, we have the established ground teams to make the move as seamless as possible.

As a leader in technology, our newly developed shipment tracking application allows accounts and clients to follow their shipments in ‘real-time’, 24 hours-a-day. The application also allows our international team to create reports and invoicing based on accounts’ needs or request. Having no franchise restrictions, the international team works with highly experienced agents all over the globe, resulting in a complement of talent that redefines the meaning of ‘customer service’

Office Moving

Budd Van Lines brings the same reputation for consistent high quality service with residential relocation to office moves.  Whether you are a two person startup or a Fortune 100 with a corporate campus, we will carefully handle your internal moves and external moves.

Our office moving clients include retail stores, corporate offices, labs, medical offices, universities, and nonprofit organizations.   

Lab Equipment

Laboratory moving requires delicate packing and handling – among many other important considerations.  With Budd, each lab move is meticulously planned and no details are left to chance.  We will also assign you a project manager who will work directly with you and insure a well-orchestrated and executed lab moving experience. 

Hospitality Projects

From individual restaurant installations, to full hotel renovation and construction projects, Budd Van Lines has the qualifications, inventory technology and state of the art warehouses to accommodate any job throughout the country.   Our delivery teams and move coordinators and site supervisors will make your project worry free and successful.

High Value Goods​

Budd Driver teams have the skills and experience to move the most valuable and unique of items anywhere throughout the United States and across the Globe. We have safely relocated origin artwork from Picasso and Ansel Adams, to furniture and collections from the major auction houses. Budd Van Lines moves high value and highly fragile goods with the utmost care, security and discretion.
Medical Equipment

Our white glove teams specialize in partnering with medical equipment manufacturers and logistics companies to deliver valuable and critical medical equipment to hospitals, doctors’ offices and medical research facilities throughout the country.  Project managers praise us for consistently being on time, carefully prepping the facilities, having trained teams with the right equipment and for delivering the products damage free.


Q What services will Budd Van Lines provide during my move?

Budd Van Lines offers an extensive range of services. Many of these services require the approval of your employer. To determine if a particular service is available for your move, contact your account manager here at Budd Van Lines or contact a representative from your company’s relocation department.

Q What time will the movers arrive, and when can I expect them to leave?

As circumstances from move to move vary, so do start and finish times. When possible, a work day will begin around 8:30AM and finish around 5:30PM. Factors such as traffic and weather occasionally alter these times. While small moves will often dictate shorter days, a large move may require longer ones. Keep in mind that your move is scheduled to be completed in a given span of time and our crews may need to continue working later into the evening to ensure that these deadlines are met.

Q I realize Budd Van Lines offers a full service move, but is there anything I should do before the movers arrive?

For a full listing, see our move check list. In general, the single most important thing you can do is to be as organized as possible before the movers arrive. You should: Clearly mark “Do Not Move” on all items which are to be moved by you while traveling, and place them in an out of the way area. Place all items that you prefer to have packaged together in the same general area. Fully defrost and dry out refrigerators and or freezers. Empty all gasoline from lawnmowers and similar equipment. (exception: riding mowers should have about 1/8 of a tank left). All propane tanks from grills, camper, etc. (Propane tanks should never be loaded on your shipment). Reduce gas tanks to 1/2 of a tank or less, for all cars to be transported. Dismantle any items’ which, when removed, could leave damage to a wall (screw holes, nail holes, glue marks, etc.).

Q How many people will pack my items? Will the same people who pack my goods load them onto the van?

Normally, two to four people will pack your home. However, the exact number may vary depending on the size of your house.

Q How will the movers label the boxes after they are packed?

When showing the packers around your home for the first time, make sure to let them know how you would like each room to be labeled. When packing, they will label the boxes as asked and will also include a general listing as to the contents of each carton.

Q How will the movers label the boxes after they are packed?

When showing the packers around your home for the first time, make sure to let them know how you would like each room to be labeled. When packing, they will label the boxes as asked and will also include a general listing as to the contents of each carton.

Q Do I, or someone in my family need to be present while they are packing my home?

Someone will need to be present to let the movers in and to show them around. Because moving is often a hectic time, we understand that you may need to run out for a short time. However, we have found that packing goes best when someone familiar with the move is available for a majority of the move.

Q Are there any items which they will not pack?

There are items that can / will not be packed. For a full list, please see the “Responsibilities” section of our web site.

Q Will the packers use any of my original cartons when packing?

If original cartons are left near the objects for which they were designed and all the original packing (Styrofoam, cardboard cutouts, etc.) is still in the box, then the packers will try to use them. If the use of the original box entails the disassembly of an object (pressboard furniture, large toys, etc.), then the movers will try to find an alternative means of protecting the object. Small boxes for fragile items such as figurines, glassware and dolls come in very handy but due to their small nature, it is suggested that you pack these items yourself and have the packers repack them in a larger carton.

Q If I already have items boxed up from a previous move will the movers repack them so that I am covered for damages?

The packers will look at each previously packed carton to determine whether it requires repacking. If they feel a box is packed well and no damage will result, they will claim responsibility for such box as if they packed it themselves. If a box is worn, then it will require repacking. Remember that you will be held responsible for boxes you ask us to leave unopened and which you do not want repacked.

Q Will the movers inventory my move, and if so, how?

Any move involving storage or which crosses state lines will be inventoried. Intrastate moves charged by the hour are not normally inventoried; however, if you specifically request it, we will be happy to inventory your shipment. The inventory process will usually take place just after packing and prior to the loading of the truck. The person doing the inventory will bring a roll of colored stickers with them and each sticker on the roll will have a different number on it. Every item in your home will have a sticker placed on it (with care being used to avoid damaging finished surfaces). As each item is tagged, it will be recorded on the inventory sheet next to the number which is on the sticker. Notes will also be made regarding any current wear or tear on the objects. Before leaving your home, our crew will supply you with a copy of your inventory.

Q Is any care taken to protect the fabric on my furniture?

Yes. All light colored, overstuffed furniture (sofas, dining room chairs, recliners, etc.) may be wrapped in padded paper prior to being wrapped in moving pads. If you feel there are certain objects that need to be paper padded, please make our National Account Manager aware and also point these items out to the team when they arrive at your home. Keep in mind that there is an additional charge for this service and prior authorization from your company’s relocation representative may be required.

Q What kind of packing materials do the packing crews use?

Our teams primarily use a type of newsprint paper. It is similar to everyday newspaper, but contains no inks or dyes. They also use a padded paper for pictures, lamps, mirrors, and various other delicate items, and a form of bubble wrap may be used for valuable breakables.

Q Can I continue to stay at my home throughout the packing and loading process?

Absolutely. It is entirely possible for you and your family to remain in the house and sleep in your beds throughout the entire move. When showing the movers around your home, make sure you let them know that you will be staying. Point out any beds that you need left undisturbed. Also make sure to separate any items which you will be using while the move is taking place. You should pack a bag just as if you were going away for the night. Place the items you will be using either on your bed or in an out of the way area and make sure they are marked “Do Not Pack Until Last Day Of The Move”.

Q Will the interior of my home be protected during the loading of the truck?

Yes. We always provide full premise protection at both origin and destination. This protection entails using carpet runners, padding the railings and banisters, and placing protective coverings on hardwood and tile floors. Although we cannot cover every inch of a floor, we will to do the best possible job of protecting your home.

Q Will there be someone on the job to supervise the crew?

Yes, most of our teams consist of a driver, co-driver, and any number of helpers. The head driver is responsible for his crew and should oversee the entire move. If for some reason you need to notify someone about a problem, you should always speak to the lead driver. Should you need to notify someone else of a problem, our move Move Coordinators are available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (E.S.T.) to take your calls.

Q Will they disassemble any items before loading them onto the truck?

Items will only be disassembled if they cannot be easily handled or if they are less prone to damage when apart. Normally, all beds are disassembled and table legs are removed if possible.

Q How will my furniture be protected during the move?

Since most scratches and nicks occur while carrying objects through the home, we feel it is very important that every piece of furniture be fully padded and protected inside the home. This helps in reducing damage to both the furniture and the walls during the loading process.

Q Will they load plants onto the moving van?

Outdoor plants cannot be transported under any circumstances. The moving of indoor plants, is a courtesy Budd Van Lines extends to its customers. We leave the final decision up to each driver as to whether or not your household plants will be transported. His decision will be based on the size and number of the plants, available truck space, and the condition of the plants. We suggest you make contingency plans just in case your plants cannot go. (EXCEPTION: If your move destination is in California or your belongings are to go into storage, then your plants will not be transported.) If your plants are to be moved, please keep in mind that you are required to inspect them for insects and can be held responsible if any infractions found at the inspection stations. At no time can Budd Van Lines ensure the plants survival and can not take responsibility should they not make the trip

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