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Bekins Van Lines, Inc.

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Bekins Van Lines

Bekins Van Lines, As one of the oldest moving companies in the United States, Bekins Van Lines has survived from generation to generation for a reason: unrivalled expertise and a commitment to customer service.

Founded by brothers John and Martin Bekins in 1891, Bekins began operations in Sioux City, Iowa, with just three horse-drawn vans and twelve employees. Since then, we’ve grown to become one of the nation’s largest full-service moving and storage companies with nearly 150 locations throughout the United States. As we’ve grown, so have our services: Today we specialize in moving high value items and international relocation among other niche areas.

The times have certainly changed over the last 125 years, and to keep up, we’ve changed along with them. Whereas a strong back and a horse-and-buggy was the primary criterion for movers in the late 19th century, information technology and logistics now define today’s moving and storage industry. But one thing has stayed the same: our commitment to expertise, reliability, and worry-free moves.


Bekins takes care of you during every step of your move. Whether you’re busy, physically limited, focused on a new job or tending to family, a full-service packing and moving company like Bekins takes the work and stress of moving off your shoulders. When you use our moving services and opt for a full-service move, you can expect: 

A dedicated move manager: Your Bekins move manager will be your point of contact during every step of your move. They will coordinate all of your services. If you have questions or need assistance during the process, your move manager is the only person you’ll need to contact.

Loading and Unloading Services: Whether you need long distance moving services or a team to get you to that dream house down the street, we’ll load and deliver all your belongings on time and intact. 

Packing Services: The packing process is never fun and always takes longer than you expect. Let Bekins take it on! With professional packing services included, you can be sure everything will be ready to go on moving day. 

Valuation Protection: Our professional movers are careful and experienced, but accidents—although rare—can happen. For additional peace of mind during your move, we offer multiple valuation protection options. A small investment can make a big difference. 

Services for Specialty Items: If you have fragile items or items that require special attention, you can trust our team with loading and unloading your precious cargo. Whether it’s furniture, instruments or large art pieces, Bekins will safely move them to their new home. 

Short-term and Long-term Storage Services: Depending on your move date, closing date and travel plans, you may need reliable storage services. Bekins has the solution with short-term and long-term storage options. Let us make the arrangements, take your items and deliver them when you’re ready.

Bekins Moving and Storage Services

Bekins Van Lines

Oftentimes, moving requires more than just packing your items into boxes and transporting them across the city, state or country. Depending on your moving date, closing date and travel plans, you may also need reliable storage services to keep your items safe. Whether you’re waiting to close on your new home, preparing to sell your old place or simply looking for a space to store some extra belongings, Bekins has the solution for your stuff. Our expert team has the ability to cover all of your moving and storage service requirements!

At Bekins Van Lines, we offer cost-effective, secure moving and storage services. There are plenty of local moving and storage companies to choose from. However, none of them are quite as reliable, efficient, and trustworthy as Bekins! We have warehouses located across the country, so no matter where you are and where you’re headed, Bekins can store your belongings safely.

Bekins Moving and Packing Supplies

A worry-free move is all about the details. And one of those details is making sure you’re using the right packing supplies and boxes for moving so your items will be protected. From moving boxes to bubble wrap to professional tape, we have what you need to make sure your items arrive safely if we’re doing the packing or if you are. And if you’re doing your own packing, be sure to tell your Bekins agent. Many of our packing supplies are available at a reduced price when you work with us.

Bekins Furniture and Specialty Items Moving Services

Moving is rarely as simple as packing up a few boxes and hitting the open road. There are items that require special attention, like automobiles, pianos, pool tables, artwork, delicate furniture and more. However, no matter what you need moved, you don’t have to go it alone. The experts at Bekins are here to help.

Moving furniture and other heavy items isn’t just difficult—it can be dangerous if you don’t have the right equipment and experience. The best way to move things like cars and furniture across the country is to get help from a professional moving company like Bekins. Whether you’re moving just a few pieces of furniture or you need to relocate your car across the country, we can do the heavy lifting… literally!

Bekins Van Lines Moving Discounts

Moving can get expensive, and we know you want to save money where you can. That’s why Bekins offers special moving discounts to our customers. These discounts will help you stay true to your budget without having to settle for a less reliable moving company.

Bekins Moving Protection & Valuation

Moving every possession you own is a big deal, and you want to make sure your items are protected against any type of potential loss or damage. When you work with Bekins, you can count on our expert movers to do everything they can to ensure the safety and protection of your shipment. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider extra moving protection.


Q How Do I Get Started with the Best Movers & Packers in My Area?

Find your local agent to get started with the best moving company near you. Bekins Van Lines and our moving agents are the relocation experts you want on your side. Learn more about our moving and packing services.

Q Is Bekins a broker?

Bekins is not a broker. Every move is done under Bekins authority by drivers and agents who meet our stringent procedures and requirements. We do not buy or sell your personal information or your move to other companies. Bekins and its agents work directly on your behalf to orchestrate your move. Bekins agents are authorized to act on behalf of Bekins to transport goods across state lines. These agents and their equipment have met the rigorous service and quality standards set to become an agent for Bekins.

Q When is the best time to move?

The best time to move is when it’s right for you. However, there are some times of the year that are busier for the moving industry than others. The summer months (May – September) and the end of each month are periods of heavier demand.

Q Can I leave the items in my dresser drawers?

Yes, you can leave clothing in your dresser drawers if your shipment will not need storage. If you will need storage at one of Bekins’ agencies, we recommend that all items in your dresser drawers be packed. We also recommend that all non-clothing items be packed, regardless of your storage needs.

Q Will the mover load the boxes that I packed?

Yes, the driver will load the boxes that you packed as long as the driver deems them safe for transport. Please note, the liability coverage for boxes that you pack yourself is not the same as the liability coverage available to you for carrier-packed boxes. Your valuation policy will not cover items damaged inside boxes you pack if the boxes themselves arrive to your destination undamaged. If the boxes themselves are damaged or crushed during transport, your valuation policy could be applied to the items inside.

Q Can I pack and move my plants?

Yes, the driver will load the boxes that you packed as long as the driver deems them safe for transport. Please note, the liability coverage for boxes that you pack yourself is not the same as the liability coverage available to you for carrier-packed boxes. Your valuation policy will not cover items damaged inside boxes you pack if the boxes themselves arrive to your destination undamaged. If the boxes themselves are damaged or crushed during transport, your valuation policy could be applied to the items inside.

Q What items cannot be packed?

Bekins wants your belongings to arrive at your new home safe and sound. That means not moving certain items. Aerosol cans and hazardous materials are unsafe for transportation on a moving van. In addition, perishable items and those of personal importance are recommended for your individual transport. Read our comprehensive list of What Not to Pack.

Q How should I move my jewelry and other valuable items?

Bekins recommends you do not pack or ship your fine jewelry, precious metals, irreplaceable family photos and smaller items, important papers (titles, tax forms, bank books, deeds, etc.), medical and dental records, prescriptions, coins, currency, stock certificates, notes or bonds. These items should be carried with you during your move.

Q How should I prepare my appliances?

All major appliances (washer, dryer, refrigerator, freezer, stoves, etc.) should be properly disconnected before the mover’s arrival. An authorized service firm can disconnect and prepare each appliance for transport. All refrigerators and freezers should be defrosted, cleaned and dried before the movers arrive. For more information, visit our packing of specialty items page.

Q Will Bekins move my automobile?

Yes, Bekins has the capability to transport your automobile. There are several options for this service, including in-van service or use of a third-party carrier. Whichever option you choose, Bekins can arrange this service for you. If you have a preference regarding the transport of your vehicle (i.e. inside the moving van versus a third-party auto carrier) you must let your agent know at the time of your estimate. Depending on your preference, there could be an added charge for transporting your vehicle.

Q How will my mirrors and pictures be protected and packed?

Your local Bekins Agent can pack all of your mirrors and pictures using specially designed cartons and wrapping materials to provide maximum protection for your goods.

Q What type of protection options do my belongings have during transport?

Bekins offers different levels of valuation options for your belongings. These options are not insurance, but provide for protection of your goods during shipping.

Q Will the mover unpack my boxes at my new home?

Unpacking services are available and include the opening of boxes, one-time placement of items on a flat surface, and debris removal of unpacked boxes. Unpacking services do not include organization, cleaning or rearrangement of items. Additional fees apply for unpacking services.

Q What can I expect on moving day?

On moving day, you can relax and leave all of the hard work to the professional movers. For a detailed account of how your moving day will go, check out our What to Expect page.

Q What is a shuttle?

Shuttle service is the use of a smaller vehicle to provide service when the residence is not accessible to the mover’s normal over-the-road equipment. Shuttle service at origin involves loading the goods onto a smaller vehicle then transporting and offloading them onto the mover’s normal equipment. The process is reversed at the destination, if necessary. Depending on the weight of the shipment, this could involve several trips with the smaller vehicle.

Q How will I know when my shipment is going to be delivered?

Based on the weight of your belongings and the distance they’re being transported, your local Bekins agent will provide you with a range of days during which your belongings will be delivered. Your driver will contact you 48 hours prior to confirm the delivery of your belongings. Ensure that the driver has your destination contact information prior to his departure from your origin residence.

Q Should I tip my movers?

Bekins Van Lines strives to deliver the highest level of service with each move. The van line does not require customers to tip their movers nor is a gratuity included in your moving fees. Although tipping is not part of Bekins policy, it is greatly appreciated, especially if your movers have done an exceptional job. If you feel the service received during your move warrants a tip, you can determine this by calculating a percentage of your moving charges (anywhere from 5-15 percent) or give a flat rate per person ($10-100). Consider the distance of your move and difficulty of the services performed when determining your gratuity. It’s also possible to express your gratitude in ways other than money. Having water available throughout the day and/or making lunch available to the crew can go a long way in expressing your satisfaction. Completing our survey after your move is complete and posting online reviews are easy ways to ensure your positive experience is noted. Bekins regularly recognizes its employees based on positive customer feedback received. If you choose to tip your moving crew, it is recommended to give the tip to the Bekins driver so that he or she can disperse among the rest of the crew.

Q Who do I contact if my shipment is delayed beyond my delivery dates?

In the rare situation that your belongings will not be delivered within the delivery spread that is stated on the Bill of Lading, please contact our customer service department at 1-800-248-4810. A customer service representative will be able to answer your questions and provide delivery updates. You should also feel free to contact us electronically if you prefer.

Q Who do I contact if my household goods were damaged during my move?

If you had items damaged during the move, please contact the Bekins claims department at 1-800-932-7799. A claims adjuster will be assigned and he or she will review the claim and contact you, if necessary, with any further instructions. Please take note of the following details on the claims process:

All claims must be filed in writing, within nine months of the date of delivery to a residence. If your goods were placed into storage-in-transit, and remain in storage in excess of 180 days, you have nine months from the date of conversion to permanent storage in which to file a claim.
Please do not discard or repair any items without prior authorization from this office, as we reserve the right to inspect all claimed items.
If you are claiming any damaged items which were packed, please indicate whether or not the carton was damaged. Please also save the packing material and carton for our inspection.
Please describe the nature and location of damages for each article claimed, and furnish repair estimates whenever possible to support the claim.
Please provide the manufacturer’s name, the model, and the serial number of any appliances or electronics equipment claimed as missing or damaged.
Copies of original purchase receipts should be submitted with your claim for items requiring replacement.
Please make certain that all items you wish to claim are included on your claim form, and that the claim form does constitute your complete and entire claim.

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