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Mayflower Transit began with a vision to give people a choice, providing an alternative to using railroads to move household goods. A growing network of paved roads in the early 20th century further enabled long-distance trucking, and thus began Mayflower’s foundation as a trailblazer in the moving industry.

For over 90 years, Mayflower has been your trusted guide. We strive to understand your needs and provide you with peace of mind throughout your move. We are proud to be the most recognized name in moving, and the moving company you choose to get started on your next adventure. Like the ship in our logo, we too are on a journey seeking new opportunity and progress.

Our driving force is to support your move with the highest level of service by providing superior solutions and adapting our processes to continue to deliver your belongings safely and on-time. We do all of this to provide a seamless move experience and to guide you Every Step of the Way®.


Q Can you move my Lawn Mower?

Yes! With a few precautionary measures during preparation and the correct load ramp, a riding or traditional lawn mower can be loaded on the truck and transported.

Q Can you move my Boat?

Yes! Transporting your boat requires special equipment and depends on the length and weight of your vessel. There may be special road transportation permits from the Department of Transportation required to move your boat.

Q Can you move my Golf Cart

Yes! Some golf carts require full crating, while others can be wrapped and padded before using a ramp to put on the moving truck. Using a professional mover like Mayflower takes the guesswork out of moving this item.

Q Can you move my Car?

Yes! Mayflower utilizes both open-sided and enclosed carrier equipment to move automobiles.

Q Can you move my Grill?

Yes! We can move gas and/or charcoal grills. We will not transport gas or propane, so please make sure to empty grills prior to our arrival.

Q Can you move my Outdoor Furniture?

Yes! These pieces can be awkward and heavy. Let our professional moving company help load, unload and place your patio furniture, so you can begin lounging right away!

Q Can you move my Above-Ground Pool?

Yes! We can help transport your summer oasis to your new home. Make sure to let us know if you need an above-ground pool moved, so we can be prepared.

Q Can you move my Hot Tub?

Yes! Hot tubs are not only huge, but they also have a lot of parts that require separate packing from the tub itself. Special equipment for moving hot tubs is necessary to transport in your move.

Q Can you move my Foam Mattress?

Yes! Moving a foam mattress requires special handling and a specific type of carton to prevent it from being damaged during transit. It is important that no permanent folds are created in the bed when packing and moving this type of mattress.

Q Can you move my Oversized TV?

Yes! Moving a large screen TV in its original packaging is best, but if that is not possible, our professional movers can pack and transport your oversized TV carefully with special boxes and padding.

Q Can you move my Oversized Sofa?

Yes! The size and weight of the sofa are important factors, as is the material of the couch in determining how to protect it from damage. We also use special equipment to safely move your oversized furniture.

Q Can you move my Smart Bed?

Yes! The components of a smart bed are actually much more compact and lighter than a traditional mattress when packed; they just require a bit more time and attention to disassemble and pack in comparison.

Q Can you move my Piano?

Yes! Moving a piano requires serious manpower and planning, as well as special equipment to safely move one of the most valued possessions in your home.

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