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Embarking on a big move? Look no further than Peacemovers to turn your daunting experience into a delightful journey. Introducing our exclusive 1-2 Room Moving Kits, meticulously designed to simplify your relocation process while ensuring your treasured belongings are handled with utmost care.

Moving can be overwhelming, especially for large households. Our 1-2 Room Moving Kits are tailored to meet the needs of families and individuals with spacious homes, reflecting our years of expertise in the industry.

What’s Inside Our Kits?

Our comprehensive moving kits feature:

  • High-Quality Packing Supplies: From sturdy boxes to bubble wrap and packing tape, we provide top-of-the-line materials.
  • Customizable Options: Tailored to suit your specific requirements, whether it’s a large family home or a sprawling estate.
  • Expert Guidance: Our team of moving experts offers support and guidance every step of the way, ensuring a smooth transition to your new home.

Why Opt for Our Moving Kits?

  • Convenience: Bid farewell to the hassle of sourcing supplies from multiple vendors. Our all-inclusive kits are conveniently packaged and ready for delivery to your doorstep.
  • Quality Assurance: Rest assured, your belongings will be packed securely and transported safely to your new home with Peacemovers.
  • Time-Saving: Our kits streamline the packing process, saving you valuable time and energy.

Experience the Peacemovers Difference

We believe moving should be an exciting chapter, not a source of stress. With our 1-2 Room Moving Kits, embark on your journey to a new home with confidence and peace of mind.

Ready to Make Your Move? Contact us today to explore our kits and discover why Peacemovers is the preferred choice for hassle-free relocations.

Transforming the Way You Move, One Kit at a Time

Simplify Your Move with Peacemovers: Pre-Packaged Moving Kits

At Peacemovers, we’ve revolutionized the moving process with our convenient pre-packaged moving kits. Our 2-room kits cater to small spaces like dorm rooms, 1-2 bedroom apartments, small homes, or businesses, offering unparalleled convenience.

Whether you choose the Basic, Bigger, or Wardrobe Box Kit, each is equipped with ample wrapping paper for fragile items and packing tape. With capacities ranging from 44 to 75 cubic feet, our kits provide abundant space for your smaller moving projects.

Rest assured, our home moving boxes exceed industry standards, ensuring the safe transport of your belongings with our top-notch packing paper, bubble wrap, and other supplies.

Enjoy the added benefit of FREE SHIPPING on all orders, with prompt delivery within 1-2 business days in most states. Explore our “Moving Tips” section for valuable advice, including a helpful “Moving Checklist” to guide you through the preparation process efficiently and organizedly.

Count on Peacemovers for all your moving needs – with unbeatable products and competitive prices, we’ve got you covered.

Experience the Ease of Moving with Peacemovers Today!


Moving kits

Economy Moving Box
Kit #1

15 Boxes and Fewer Supplies

5 Small Moving Boxes

10 Medium Moving Boxes

2″x55 yards of Tape

1 Marker

Regular Price: $58.80


Moving kits

Basic Moving Boxes
Kit #1

18 Boxes & Packing Supplies

9 Small Moving Boxes

9 Medium Moving Boxes

2″x55 yards of Packing Tape

1 Clamshell Tape Dispenser

24′ of Bubble Roll

3 lbs of Wrapping Paper 

1 Marker

Regular Price: $69.00


Moving kits

Bigger Boxes Smart Moving Kit #1

14 Boxes & Packing Supplies

11 Medium moving boxes

3 Large moving boxes

60 Moving Labels

2″x55 yards Packing Tape

1 Clamshell Tape Dispenser

3 lbs of Wrapping paper

1 Marker

Regular Price: $70.00


Wardrobe Moving Boxes
Kit #1

9 Boxes, 1 Wardrobe & Supplies

5 Medium Moving Boxes

2 Small Moving Boxes

2 Large Moving Boxes

1 Shorty Wardrobe Box & Bar

2″x55 yards Tape & Clamshell

3 lbs of Wrapping paper

1 Marker

Regular Price: $69.00


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