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Star Moving Solutions began with a core focus on providing old fashioned personalized service and industry expertise.

Our founder, Jimmy Re, set out to use his years of knowledge and attention to detail to offer exceptional customer service and tailored solutions to fit the client’s specific requirements. The idea was to treat each customer’s move as a chance to demonstrate how a successful relocation should be carried out. Our ultimate goal is to have a happy customer that spreads the word that you cannot go wrong when you choose STAR – a company that cares and values the customer’s experience and belongings. 

We have the experience, knowledge and the desire to make your next move the best you will ever experience.

Our Philosophy is Simple:

Better People. Better Service. Better Price.

We hire the best staff and crews, train them, and keep them. So when you work with STAR, you are working with highly motivated, pleasant, trained and experienced moving professionals who understand the details of domestic and international moving, and who really care about providing the best possible service.

As a top five national van line with global capabilities, an extensive worldwide network, and top safely and service ratings, STAR has the resources and support to handle all your moving and storage needs to four corners of the United States and the World.

You and your transferees will receive peace of mind from a moving partner who takes a personal interest in your relocation, supported by a network of trusted agents around the globe.


Why Choose STAR for
Your Local Move?

Whether you are moving around the block or many miles in the Washington DC, Maryland, or Virginia region, STAR can ensure that your personal possessions are moved safely, quickly, and affordably. We will provide old-fashioned, customer-oriented service using modern equipment to efficiently move your goods in a simple, stress-free manner, so that you can get on with your life without worrying about your move.

We start the process with a FREE no-obligation in-home move estimate.

This in-home estimate will insure that all aspects of the move are observed and insure an accurate estimate of the move cost and time. A representative from STAR will come out to your residence in order to assess the final weight and dimensions of the items that require to be relocated. Once the weight and size are determined, STAR will provide you with an estimate for door-to-door service.

Why Choose STAR for
Your Corporate Relocation?

When it is time to move your offices, you want a partner that can ensure that the move is seamlessly performed to minimize workplace disruption and downtime, and keep your staff productive and content. Star Moving Solutions are the office movers in Northern Virginia who can deliver these results. We have the expertise and experience to move offices of all sizes and can perform end-to-end professional moving services, so you can get back to work as soon as possible.

At STAR, we simplify the process for professionals who need to make transferee arrangements worldwide. We love helping companies relocate their employees. Our certified moving consultants will walk you through the entire process, with rapid response time on inquiries and attentive service. We even have access to a full range of corporate moving services from trusted business partners, like home sale programs, temporary housing, rental assistance, mortgage assistance, and more.

Efficient Office Relocations

The importance of a smooth office move is something that we at Star International Movers understand well. In the heart of Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC, our professional crew focuses on office relocations that are efficient and fast. Your move will be quick, easy, and problem-free because of our dedication to quality and years of expertise in the moving industry.

Our Moving Services

Star Moving Solutions

We provide old fashioned personalized service designed for the modern world. Through a combination of hard work, tenured dedicated local team members, and a global support network, we have delivered exceptional service on local, long distance and international moves for over 16 years.

We combine the personalized attention of a small business with the powerful connections of a worldwide network to offer the best service possible in the following areas:

Streamlined Corporate Moving Solutions

You need dependability and accuracy for your business relocation. If you’re a company owner, you need a relocation solution that expertly fits your demands. We provide a full range of moving services, from packing and transportation to arranging your new office space just the way you like, all with the goal of minimizing interruptions to your business.

How Star Handles Logistics

Through our dedicated division, STAR Logistics Services, we create extensive value for our clients. We operate in a linear, yet innovative performance based format that breaks through barriers and exceeds expectations while adhering to U.S. Compliance and Regulatory mandates. Most importantly, STAR is truly accountable, and we are committed to fully transparent customer service with a designated point of contact. We never outsource responsibility no matter the circumstance.

As a U.S. Registered Small Business, STAR also provides Freight Forwarding and Integrated Logistics Solutions (I2S2) on a global basis that includes management of the U.S. Chain of Continuous Custody on behalf of our clients and end users. STAR manages all customs and commercial document formalities, including IOR, associated with end to end logistics requirements in all parts of the world – covering both levy/duty exempt and commercial material where fully imported duties are required. STAR is well versed in providing U.S. Flag conveyance where required coordinating closely with U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD).

Star is fully compliant with AECA and ITAR Part 122.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use only strong, corrugated cartons with covers. We can supply you with specially-made cartons, for everything from mattresses to clothing and mirrors. The added protection of mover-provided cartons may avoid damage that results from the use of poor-quality packing materials. Your alternative is to collect boxes discarded by your grocery or liquor store. Save old newspapers for use in packing, but remember that ink may rub off and stain clothing or other items. *WARNING: Insect eggs and insects such as roaches can travel in food boxes.

Before actually packing-up, you need to have a game plan. For example:

Pack one room at a time. This will help you when it comes time to unpack.

Pack a couple of cartons a day, starting well ahead of the move.

Mark all boxes, designating room and box number. Make a carton identification log to show the number of boxes packed per room, and the total number of cartons packed. It’s a good idea to leave space in your log for a special comments section to note carton conditions or location of high value goods. Notify your mover of any high value items.

Be sure to have plenty of “filling” material available.

Be sure that the bottoms of all cartons are secured and will hold the weight of the contents.

Packing tape or gummed tape is better than masking tape.

Pack heavier items toward the bottom of the box and lighter items toward the top. Try to keep a per-box weight of 50 pounds or less; it makes moving a lot easier. A general rule to remember on carton size — the heavier the item, the smaller the carton.

Select a medium-sized carton (or mover-provided dishpack) and line the bottom of the carton with crumpled packing paper.

With packing paper stacked neatly in place on a work table, center one plate on the paper.

Grasp a corner on several sheets of packing paper and pull the paper over the plate until sheets completely cover the plate. Stack a second plate on and, moving clockwise, grasp a second corner and pull sheets over the second plate.

Stack a third plate. Grasp remaining two corners, folding two sheets of each corner (one at a time) over the plate.

Turn your wrapped stack of plates upside down onto your packing paper.

Re-wrap the entire bundle: start with one corner of packing paper and pull two sheets over the bundle, cover bundle with next corner, then the third corner; and finally, the fourth.

Seal the bundle with packing tape.

Place the bundle of dishware in a medium-size box so that the plates are standing on edge

Use this process on all saucers, bread and butter dishes, and other dishware. When packing smaller dishes, you may choose to stack in greater quantity.

With packing paper in place on the work table, position one cup six to eight inches from one of the corners.

Now pull the near corner of the paper up and over the cup.

Nest a second cup directly on top, with handle to left (second cup should “nest” itself in packing paper folded over the bottom cups).

Pull the two side corners up and over, one at a time, and tuck corners inside the top cup.

Hold the bottom and top cup in position and roll cups to the remaining corner. Fragile mixing bowls may be rolled in the same manner.

Delicate cups, like china, should be wrapped one at a time. Antique glass or china should be stuffed with crumpled tissue and wrapped one at a time.

The list of individual household items is endless. Most can be packed by following our packing pointers. Here are some additional packing tips for major items. If you want a more comprehensive list of how to pack special items, drop us a line.

Bureau Drawers — Don’t overload. Too heavy a load can cause damage. Remove firearms and any items that might break or leak. Firearms, along with serial numbers, must be registered with your van line representative before the move.

Canned Goods and Other Non-Frozen Food — Pack upright with no more than 24-30 cans per carton. Don’t attempt to move perishables. Wrap glass containers and boxed foods individually and pack in small cartons.

Clocks — Remove or secure pendulum in large clocks. Grandfather clocks should be prepared for moving by expert servicemen.

Drapes and Curtains — Hang drapes over crossbars in wardrobe cartons, or pack folded in clean cartons. Remove curtains from rods, fold and pack in cartons or bureau drawers.

Flammables and Combustibles — Flammable liquids and aerosol cans must not be packed. Changes in temperature and pressure can cause them to leak, or even explode. For your own protection, you should know that if you pack these items and they cause damage to your shipment or others, you, not your mover, may be held liable.

Lamps and Lampshades — Remove bulbs, harps and shades. Roll up cord. Pack lamps with bedding or wrap separately and place upright in clean, tissue-lined carton. Wrap harp and finial (decorative knob) with packing paper and tape to inside wall of carton that contains shade. Wrap shades in tissue, not newspaper. Place upright in large, tissue lined cartons.

Medicines — Seal caps with masking tape. Wrap and pack upright in small cartons. If needed during travel, carry with you.

Mirrors, Paintings and Pictures — Tell your agent about valuable paintings for special care. Wrap small mirrors, pictures, paintings, and frames and place on edge in cartons. Place large pictures and paintings on edge in heavy cardboard containers. Large wall or dresser mirrors will be taken down by the movers and placed in special cartons. For added safety, place tape diagonally across mirror to protect better against damage. Do not place newspaper directly against paintings.

Personal Computers and Video Recorders — Pack valuable electronic equipment in original cartons when available. Otherwise, use strong, corrugated cartons and place protective padding on the bottom of the carton. Wrap an old blanket or protective pad around the item and place it in its carton. Place additional padding between the carton and the computer or video recorder. Wrap cords separately, label to identify usage and place in a plastic bag away from delicate surfaces. Non-detachable cords should also be wrapped. Place cords between the padded computer or video recorder and the carton. Be sure your personal computer is parked and ready for transport.

Silverware — Wrap each piece in cloth or low sulfur content paper to prevent tarnishing. Use an old blanket or moving pad as a wrap to prevent scratching the silverware chest.Tools — Drain fuel from power tools (do not ship Flammables under any circumstances). Pack tools in small, strong cartons. Wrap separately if valuable.

Waterbed Mattresses — Drain all water from the waterbed and, grasping internal baffle systems with external vinyl, fold mattress 20 inches at a time. Adjust folds to avoid making creases across individual baffles. Consult your owner’s manual for special instructions concerning the care and transportation of your mattress. Do not place your mattress in a carton with sharp or pointed objects.

Cars and Motorcycles — Cars and motorcycles shipped on the moving van should be drained nearly empty of fuel. Motorcycle batteries should be disconnected. Automobile antifreeze should be ample to protect against severe cold in winter.

Barbecue Grills – Wrap grates and briquettes separately in a newspaper (or place all briquettes into a grocery bag) and place parts in carton. Pad carton with paper to reduce movement of contents.

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